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Student Profile Analysis

Applying for overseas education involves a lot more than just filling out an application form. A student would not want to land up in a country or with a course not suited to his/her needs. At The Visa Spot, you are invited for a 360 degrees course cum country planning session with our qualified counselors who shall match your career aspirations and academic interest with the best-suited university.

Before we actually suggest you a university and a course, our highly trained counselors toothcomb your qualifications and ambitions and match them with the best possible options available. We empathize that this decision shall shape your career and thus don’t ignore any facet at all.

Career Counselling

Every day, we have students from all walks of life approaching us for their career guidance. The Visa Spot team has vast industrial experience as the members have themselves worked and lived abroad.

The counselling we provide to students takes into careful consideration various factors such as their:

  • Educational Background
  • Experience
  • Career Goal
  • Inherent Talents
  • Personal Preferences
  • Financial Limitations

With our guidance, students have successfully studied, worked and settled in over 18 countries including New Zealand, Australia, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany and many more.

The Visa Spot team will assist you from the start of the application process all the way till visa processing and beyond. Our services are both free and personalized, provided to you by our dedicated team of counsellors who strive to help you achieve your dreams.

Country Selection

The Visa Spot works closely with 100+ Universities and Colleges in 10+ countries. Each country has its own immigration.

Mostly we are preffering to these countries:

  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • UK
  • USA
  • Ireland
  • Germany

Course Selection

Our representing Universities and Colleges offer over 10000 programs. We will assist you in selecting your preferred courses.

Selecting a course abroad is a crucial step for any student, so here at The Visa Spot, we assist students in selecting their course and university depending upon their requirements.

University Selection

The Visa Spot is the chosen representative of over 100 Universities, many of which are highly accredited worldwide. We understand that different institutions have differing eligibility criteria based on the department and course.

We use this information to assist you in choosing the right University offering a course matched to your profile, looking at your preferences, eligibility and financial budget. We will personally arrange for direct interviews by the university when their representatives visit The Visa Spot Officers, virtually through Skype or by telephone.

We promise you that any information we provide on the various courses is completely unbiased, with only your interests at heart.

Admission Assistance

As a student, we know that you might be confused and intimidated by the different application procedures at the different universities. This is why we are here to help you through the entire journey.

We will provide you with the latest information on your preferred University’s application period, application method, documents required and other key details you might not be aware of.

As an official representative, we have exclusive application portals for us which would speed up your application process. Our direct contacts with University staff allow us to keep you updated on your application status.

We often invite University representatives to visit the The Visa Spot office to conduct on the spot admissions where students can submit their application and receive an additional application fee waiver.

With our years of experience, we will ensure your applications are submitted on time. We will give special attention to ensure your application process goes smoothly and seamlessly.

Financial Aid & Scholarship

Our counselors keep updating scholarships as & when they become available. Ask us how to manage finances for overseas education.

Be it your personal finances or a bank loan, our expert counselors will guide you how, where & when to get finances settled in the most convenient, timely & cost-effective way. We have financial institutions tied up ready for your assistance. WE are one of the few educational consultants in India to offer this service for our valued students.

Visa Guidance

Our partnerships with world-class universities all over the world allows us to make available exclusive scholarships, error-free applications, timely correspondences & best possible results on visa applications for our valued students. We ensure that your journey from counseling to landing in the destination of your choice is as comfortable as possible. We also help you in preparing a suitable Statement of Purpose that shall is a very crucial part of your admission procedure!

Pre-Departure Briefing

We organise pre-departure seminars for all of you and even your parents to dispel any doubts or fears before they actually fly to your preferred destination. We shall ensure that you know exactly what to do, where to go and whom to contact once you have landed.

With our eyes constantly on embassy updates that has led to a stupendous 98% visa success rates, The Visa Spot is a one-stop shop for all your requirements. We have perhaps the best visa success rate in the country at present and our constant Endeavour is to have a 100% success rate..

Post-Arrival Assistance

Our relationship does not end once you fly away. It just starts all over again. Our counselors shall remain available round-the-clock to ensure that you face no difficulty at all during your entire stay.

With our eyes constantly on embassy updates that has led to a stupendous 98% visa success rates, The Visa Spot is a one-stop shop for all your requirements. We have perhaps the best visa success rate in the country at present and our constant Endeavour is to have a 100% success rate.

Forex Service

Students intending to study abroad need access to funds to study and live abroad. In order to do that, they need to have currency that is permitted in that particular country. ForEx services are thus essential for students to make their study abroad journey smooth and easy.

The Visa Spot has associations with leading ForEx providers regulated by the Reserve Bank of India. These ForEx dealers offer our students with competitive exchange rates and prompt services. No Service Charges and Bank Charges will be collected from our Students. We will provide you with assistance regarding demand drafts in foreign currency, travelling cheques, travel cards, international debit cards, wire transfers & currency notes. With our team, you can be assured of the best exchange rates and a seamless flight there.

We help the students in various ForEx services such as:

  • Foreign Currency Demand Draft
  • Foreign Currency Notes
  • Traveler’s Cheque
  • International Debit Cards
  • Travel Cards
  • Wire Transfers

Student Visa Services

Our role at The Visa Spot doesn’t end once you receive a University admission offer but extends to helping you with the Student Visa process, all without charging a rupee. Getting a visa approval is equally important for you to study the course. Visa approval lies in the sole discretion of the Visa officer who considers not only the admission offer but also factors such as your English Proficiency, financial status, family income proof, health fitness, past Visa histories, your intention of study, educational qualification, work experience, etc. You will also be required to sit for a Visa interview as part of the process.

As consultants, we are well updated with the latest developments, immigration policy changes, visa filing procedures, visa fees, new visa application forms, visa requirements etc. We will help you step by step, starting from filling in the visa forms, to preparing documents as per the visa checklist of each country and training you for visa interviews. We will personally arrange multiple mock interviews paneled by visa experts, etc.

Our visa success rate is considerable and it is part of our commitment in making your overseas education dreams a reality.

Partner Dependent Visa

We assist Students to add their spouse as partners visa in student visa application.

The department looks at how compelling a case is as well as whether sufficient documentation is provided when assessing your case & this is where we come in. We minimize the risk of refusal by preparing & reviewing documents that will allow your visa to be processed as quickly as possible, so that you can be with your partner as soon as possible.

This category allows Australian citizens, permanent residents and eligible New Zealand citizens to sponsor their spouse or partner to live and work in Australia.

This visa category is typically split into two stages – provisional and permanent.

Travel Service

Our travel desk will ensure that your travel arrangements are taken care of. Many Airlines in fact offer special packages for students and extra baggage allowances for the student community.

Our travel desk will help you book the right airlines according to your preferred departure dates, routes and fares with the best discount offers and special baggage allowances. In addition, you need not pay for your airfare at the time of blocking.

Our Travel Desk services include:

  • Passport services.
  • Air Ticket with best deal offer.
  • International Courier Services with special rates for students.
  • Airport Pickup Services.
  • International calling cards.
Pre Departure Briefing

Being your maiden travel to abroad, you may be very new to their culture, life styles, local laws, etc. Hence, pre-requisite knowledge in these areas is advisable before you embark on your travel. A pre-departure briefing will be given to you prior to your travel with the necessary input to help make your travel comfortable and help you settle abroad.

We will also link you to our existing students in that country through Skype and ensure you get first hand information about the student’s lives there.

We will also arrange meetings with other students and their parents headed to the same country / university. These details and more are included in our pre-Departure kit and checklist provided before your travel.

Post Departure Briefing

We have our team across the world who had been in various countries to brief you about the things to do after you reach your study destination.

Our team would assist you on:

  • Accommodation arrangement
  • Local transportation and Travel
  • Purchase of goods with best deals for students
  • Finding part time job
  • Advise on Life Style and culture
  • Practical advice on living
  • Immigration, PR and work permits
  • Do’s and don’ts in a foreign country
  • Community Networks
  • Local Laws


If a student is planning to study abroad, then there are various processes and documents involved, making the entire process seem daunting for students.

So here at The Visa Spot, we offer documentation services to students such as providing guidance regarding documents to be submitted for university admissions, for loan applications, visa applications etc. The students will be provided with a full checklist of documents to be brought in for various appointments.

Student Document Checklist for Admissions

Here is the basic checklist of documents required for the admissions

  • IELTS or related English language score card.
  • GRE/GMAT score card (Depends on the country and course you are applying for).
  • 10th and 12th mark sheets.
  • Bachelors mark sheets and degree certificates (in case of masters programs).
  • Resume/ Curriculum Vitae (CV).
  • Work Experience Certificate (if any).
  • Passport (Original and Copy).
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP).
  • Letter of Recommendation (LOR).
  • Medium of Instruction Ccertificate (Depends on the Country).

With our guidance, students have successfully studied, worked and settled in over 18 countries including New Zealand, Australia, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany and many more.

The Visa Spot team will assist you from the start of the application process all the way till visa processing and beyond. Our services are both free and personalized, provided to you by our dedicated team of counsellors who strive to help you achieve your dreams.

Statement of Purpose (SOP)

One of the primary documents required for any university applications is the Statement of Purpose (SOP) which is also called referred to as SOP, Letter of Motivation or Statement of Intent. SOP is one of the most important documents required for admissions.

The Statement of Purpose must focus on:

  • Overview about Yourself
  • Educational Qualification
  • Academic Achievement
  • Projects / Research in the chosen field
  • Employment Experience
  • Areas of interest like Hobbies, Sports, Social or Leisure
  • Career Goals / Ambitions / Expectations
  • Reasons to choose this course
  • Reasons to choose this university
  • Reasons to choose this country

You can draft your SOP which should be a maximum of 1 to 2 pages with 250 -350 words. The Statement of Purpose must be in good English without spelling and grammatical mistakes.

To strengthen your application, The Visa Spot would review the SOPs, evaluate the content, suggest changes and make it more effective, resulting in a higher success rate.

Letter of Recommendation (LOR)

Letter of Recommendation is popularly known as LOR or Letter of Reference. It plays a vital role in admission decisions. The format of Letter of recommendation differs from University to University.

While some may require in the referee's Letter head, some may need only in their respective forms and some institutes may ask for direct mails from the referee's email. As a University representative we suggest right format to the students.

The process of getting the Letter of Recommendation (LOR) are:

  • Normally, two to three LOR's are required.
  • If you are fresher you can get all LORs from your school or college where you have studied.
  • You can get it from your Class teachers, Principal or Director or anyone who are authorized to issue this letter.
  • If you are employed, you must get one or two LOR's from your superiors or employers.

It should be in the official letter head containing name (with surname) of the person who issues this letter, his designation, complete postal address, direct contact numbers and official Email Ids.

The Visa Spot makes sure that the documents are accurate according to the university standards.

Medium of Instruction (MOE) Certificate

The Medium of Instruction certification is an important document required for admissions to universities. It serves as proof that the student has completed his entire degree in English.

Visa Documentation

We also help the students with the visa documentation services. We make sure that students carry all the necessary documents required for both visa filing and visa interview.

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