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One of the popular study abroad destinations is GERMANY which students are looking forward to encounter the best educational experience and amazing future career prospects. Germany is a country which is associated with excellence in the educational facilities. It is a globally recognized country for providing the best to the students. As per the research Germany has the third largest number of international student population. In recent years it has seen that the number of Indian students have increased tremendously.

The major reasons why students are looking forward for Germany for education and pursuing the bachelors can be:

Colleges and Universities

The Universities in Germany offers you the excellent knowledge and research which is ranked the best in the world. The degree from the German Universities is well renowned and internationally recognized. German Universities have the outstanding academic programs accompanying with the varied attractive and practice oriented options. You have a great platform to start your career as they offer the programs which are the combination of theoretical as well as practical approach. Along with the course you can also develop your intellectual ability and personal skills as well and even increase your potential in that particular field. The Land of Germany gives you many options after completing the degree from any of the German University. Germany is the third most popular destination among international students in the world. More than twelve percent of students at German universities come from abroad – just like you. Germany is an attractive place to study and German university degrees are highly respected by employers worldwide.

No Tuition Fees & Less Cost of Living

Yes Germany is one of the countries that offer quality education for free or you can say at the negligible cost. The tuition fee is almost free for the students as maximum colleges and universities are public and very few are private. However the private college expects you to pay the required fees for the course. Germany believes in not treating education as the commercial product but as the medium of providing the best education to the aspirants. They believe in the welfare of the population. Germany believes to have the best brains to study in the country so the decision of waiving off the tuition fees. However the tuition is waved off but the living expenses remains the same but that is bearable and doesn’t be a pain or burden to the students.

Part Time Job & Internship Opportunities

Every aspirant when goes for the study abroad program the fact remains the same that he is thinking about getting the best employment after completing the studies. For this also Germany has been proved to be the most helping country for the students. The program and the courses designed by the universities are very meaningful and practical experience oriented which focuses more on the internships so that the aspirant gets the maximum practical exposure. This practice opens the doors for the industrial experience which adds the feather in the cap and advantage in your resume. There are ample of part time job opportunities in Germany that helps students to support their living expenses and study in harmony.

Safe and Peaceful Country

In comparison with other countries, Germany is a safe country. In town or in the countryside, by day or by night, you can move around freely here. Germany offers economic and political stability, which makes it an ideal place for you to study. Discover the beauty and diversity Germany has to offer! When you take time off from your studies, there are 1001 ways of finding out more about your host country. For example, you can go to a museum, a cinema or a theater, you can sit in a beer garden, you can go for a walk on a beach, you can swim in a lake, climb a mountain or visit an old castle.


Scholarships are the biggest support for the students who are going for pursuing the higher studies in a foreign country. It helps them live their dream with a lesser burden. German universities as well the government offers scholarships on all levels as well as for the academics and researchers. They provide the scholarships for the German as well as International students to support them to live and study their at an affordable or no cost.

Easy Eligibility for Indian Nationals

The Indian Nationals gets the opportunity to get the direct admission in the undergraduate courses for the technical degree as the students who has cleared the JEE Advanced are eligible for the direct admission in Germany’s undergraduate courses.

In case, you did not clear the JEE but managed to get admission in one of the state run colleges/ universities in India and have completed one full academic year successfully, then you are eligible for a direct admission to that course in Germany.

No Language Barrier

Initially Germany was not the priority or choice for the study abroad aspirants because of the major obstacle, the language barrier. Nearly till the last decade the all the courses were offered in German Language which was a point of bothering for the students however that not the case now, now English has become the medium of instruction for all the courses. In the recent years the universities across the country have started regular bachelor courses in English Language and the students no more require learning the German language for pursuing a course in Germany.

Germany offers you to stay in the country for 18 months after completing your studies. The search of your dream job becomes a little easier as you have time in hand to do so. The students are the assets for Germany which contribute a large amount to Germany’s economy. Germany is a very friendly country which gives equal rights and respect to you and even gives the best opportunities. So it becomes the most favorite among the foreign students.

German as a language has great advantages. Though it is not spoken across the world, it has high population in Europe. Moreover, learning a new language always adds to your resume. Pursuing your under-graduation in Germany would give you an opportunity to learn German. And if you wish to pursue the higher degree anywhere in Germany or entire Europe you will be prioritized as you are German speaking aspirant. Even in getting job opportunities companies would give you the priority in giving the employment.

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